Tuesday, 24 September 2013

a dewy morning


There's something about it which instantly provides me with comfort. Crisp mornings and balmy afternoons (if you're lucky), the smell of bonfire smoke and and the prospect of a good homemade soup to warm you from the inside out. 

This morning is a particularly lovely autumnal morning. On my walk down to school I had a little explore- the grounds were too beautiful to ignore.  



I love the lamp posts. At night they twinkle, illuminating the walk way up to house guiding the girls to bed. It was particularly foggy this morning and where I can normally see the horses in the field, today they were little more than mysterious dark patched against the hazy sky. 


This one was a bit more talkative though....


The sky is set to clear by lunchtime and we will soon be confronted by our late "Indian Summer". The ground will have dried out and our view across the fields will become visible once more. There is something rather secretive about Autumn- one moment you spy the remnants of a dewy spider's web, the next it's gone forever, waiting to be re-spun overnight and glisten in the next morning's sun. 


I can't wait for the first bonfire to be lit, to hear it crackle whilst being wrapped up in woolen jumpers and biting on sticky toffee apples. In the mean time I am quite content meandering through the orchard, smelling the dewy air and taking in the sights and delights of a very British autumn. 


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