Monday, 23 September 2013


It is the sad reality that I am no longer a student, rather I am now an adult, full of responsibility and wisdom- supposedly. I celebrated my last summer, as it were, seeing friends and growing increasingly jealous of those who still had a year of university ahead of them. 

However the time has come to get over this. And after the initial grumbles of exhaustion and the realistion that I am unable to turn back time, I find myself rather enjoying adulthood. 

Since September I have moved out of my family home, started my new job and left behind the student days. Now I find myself waking up when the birds do, working a some what longer than average day and looking forward to the occasional glass of wine on an off day. 

And yet I find this does not bore me. How very grown up of me. 

In my idealistic mind this blog is also a sign of my transition into the world of adults. I hope to provide you with an insight into things I like, what inspires me and what makes me feel at ease. Call it a lifestyle blog if you will. 

So, hello there and welcome.

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