Friday, 27 September 2013

escape to Henley

Henley on Thames is a short drive away from work and so on my day off I headed for the river bank with my friend Lauren from university. Having found myself making a paper aeroplane in order to save one of the girls from spider oblivion the night before, I was craving a bit of adult conversation and an escape from the daily chit chat of ponies and lost socks. 



I have been to Henley before, albeit it a very long time ago, but Lauren has recently become an expert of the quaint little town having bagged herself a rower boyfriend. We arrived in the sun and headed straight to a coffee shop for a catch up. I'm currently trying to be healthy having found myself confronted with school meals three times a day- lemon and ginger tea is my current (non alcoholic) tipple of choice. I'm slowly getting over the taste of it being simply "smelly hot water", as my colleague so kindly coined it one day. 

Coffee and catch up inevitably lead to an explore of the streets and its shops. Largely, Henley is a full of chains but we did stumble across some great little boutiques and an interior shop to fill your every design desire. This was obviously my favourite shop. I really can't wait for the day I have my own house- currently weighing up which would be better- a mews house or a converted warehouse...hmmm it's a tough one.

By the time we had wend our way along the street we decided it was time to sample one of the new eateries. With tummies growling we headed to 'The Henley Brew House'. This is clearly a place which thrives during the evening as the atmosphere at lunch time purely consisted of us and the bearded owner. Nonetheless we fancied it and the menu looked good. We ordered great hunks of buttery bread filled with smoked pork for Lauren and good English cheddar with a smokey relish for me. Both plates came with perhaps some of the best triple cooked chips in skins- crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, coated with a good sprinkle of coarse sea salt. Deeeelish. 



If I was being overly fussy the sandwich was a little too oily and could have done with a little more lettuce if I was trying to be health conscious. 

The building itself is very cool- exposed wood with a very rustic feel. What's really exciting about it though is that the brewery is actually in the heart of the restaurant, right next to the bar. The great copper vats are certainly eye catching and I'm sure in the evenings they provide a great talking point.



I'm sure I'll be popping over again soon so I'll endeveadour to sample, what I can only assume, a potentially raucous evening of smoked goodness and hearty pints. 


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