Monday, 14 October 2013

avo-nice day!

My perfect Saturday morning would normally consist of waking up past 9, going for a run and then cooking a delicious brunch. If there is one thing I dislike about my job, it would be the fact that a Saturday is no different to a Monday or a Tuesday or any other weekday. Instead, I still have an alarm set for anti-social o'clock, and by 8.30am I have already done, what feels like, a full day. Oh the joys of Saturday school. 

So, having supplied the girls with squash and a home baked bun for break, I ran back up to my house and grabbed a few hours of normality. Along with two of my colleagues, I decided to make the perfect brunch. This consists of bacon, avocados, ciabatta and scrambled eggs. 


In my last term at uni I became obsessed with avocados. At almost every opportunity I would pack them into a meal. On toast, in a dip or simply scooped out of a shell with a tea spoon, I love them in every and any form. I'm pretty convinced too that they are a super food. Probably full of excellent oils and some sort of antioxidants maybe... (I don't actually know, but this is what I tell myself..). 

Ok, SO, lets get to the core of this post. My perfect brunch. 

Grill your bacon (if you're feeling semi healthy). Get good quality stuff, overly salty and fatty bacon is just nooooo. Bleurgh. In the mean time slice open a ciabatta and pop under the grill too to get nice and crispy and warm. Mash up 2 avos, add a pinch of coarse sea salt and cracked black pepper- note, there is nothing worse than an under ripe avocado. Bain of my life I tell you. Spread generously on your crispy ciabattas. 

Whip up your favourite eggs. I chose scrambled, purely because I am utterly hopeless at poaching an egg properly. By now your bacon should be totally crispy and delicious. Pop on top of your gleaming lime toasts and serve with the eggs on the side. I like to drizzle balsamic glaze over mine. Another thing I am a little too obsessed with. 




You can add a glug of Tabasco or Worcestershire sauce to the avocado mash if you like, or keep it nice and simple. 


It is safe to say these didn't last long! Half term is next week and I can almost promise you now that I'll be whipping these up at least twice during my time off. Brunch just wouldn't be the same without them.


N.B The 'colleagues' are the lovely Sarah and Mel. They, apparently, require a credit. 

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