Friday, 11 October 2013

london rain

Someone has suddenly decided it should be winter now. I woke up yesterday to a flurry of tweets and statuses about winter coats and the sudden influx of sharp frosts.

I was still in bed. Was it really that cold out there?! I guess I should have an investigate, after all, I had been in bed for far too long. 

The tweets were right. It was blowy and grey- a really miserable, dull day. And I was off to London in it. Lovely.


Rather than just waste the day floating round shops, I decided I wanted to actually do something with my day off. My friend Harry is working for a Sports PR company (or something like that..) near Marylebone and so I met him for a brief lunch and a catch up. Having caught up with the goss I headed to the National Gallery to see the new exhibition, 'Facing the Modern, Vienna 1900'.

Having studied History of Art at university I felt I needed to do something to fulfill my art needs. Having read up on the exhibition before hand I decided it sounded worth a visit. Plus it would keep me inside for a bit whilst a storm brewed. 




Miserable. Utterly miserable. 


Cheeky blue cock on the fourth plinth. I love this- such a great colour and the immature side of me can't help but giggle. 

The exhibition was fantastic. It's only just launched and I found myself meandering through the works with review critics and the likes. It was quite exciting. Of course, there was the obligatory handful of art snobs who babbled on about the complexities of the pieces. Blah blah blahhhh. 

I really do recommend you pop in to see it. The works are amazing and really struck a cord with me. I do like a good painting that shocks. 

I decided to walk along The Strand and up to Covent Garden. Hearing the dulcet tones of Pachebel's Canon I had to stop and take a photo.




Look at this window display at Penhalligons! I reckon it'd be such fun being a window dresser! 


From Covent Garden I cut through to Seven Dials, via Neal Street. Here I got distracted by Urban outfitters and bought these little beauties. A complete impulse buy but obviously totally necessary...


A quick dash through the rain and I found myself back at Oxford Circus and eating frozen yoghurt with my housemate from uni. 

A whistle stop tour round central London in the dreariest of weather- at least I had a good explore. And I got those boots. 


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