Friday, 4 October 2013



Having caught up with the majority of "Peaky Blinders" in bed (which, by the way, is excellent) I decided to pop to Oxford to catch up with an old friend and explore some of the brilliant independent shops the city has to offer. It was a fairly miserable day to begin with so wrapped up in thick wooly tights and my new leather biker jacket I crossed the border in to Oxfordshire. 

My first port of call was to pick Hannah up from her hair-dressers. I'm currently sporting what can only be described as the badger look (I'm in dire need of having a re-colour) and so as I stepped into the fancy Mahogany in cool downtown Jericho I was somewhat conscious of my flustered look. Hannah, as always, looked impeccable. Excellent. I blame the tyranny of 11 year olds. 

After a quick stop off to see her fancy new digs down by the canal, we made our way to Turl Street. I've been down this little road before but mainly just to get from one place to another. It has some great bars and cool cafes, alongside the obligatory hugely impressive Oxford College hidden behind a vast gateway. 



We also spotted a fairly terrifying Anthony Gormley sculpture peering down over the street from up above Blackwells. 


                             Don't jump!!

This is the moment I should probably confess my love for anything leather (don't get too many ideas...) and books. I'm a total nerd. For my 21st birthday my lovely friends bought me a beautiful fountain pen inscribed with my name and I currently have my heart set on a proper leather journal to plot all my genius (naturally..) ideas down. So when I Stumbled across Scriptum I got just a liiiitle bit excited. 


The window was full to bursting with old fashioned scrolls, hot air balloons, pens and pocket watches. 


When we walked in it was a cavern. Oh my god. Breathe. 




Hannah and I were like children in a sweet shop. A leathery, papery sweet shop. 


Going upstairs we found wonderfully illustrated Folio Society books, spanning all titles and decades. There was even a basket full of hand marbled paper from Venice. Wahhhhh. 


My favourite little find however, was the section full of soft leather journals. I rather fancied this little lime beauty. The prices range from £10 for a pocket book to £120 for a large refillable journal. They also provide a nifty little engraving service- £16 for up to 10 letters and then a pound for every letter thereafter.


The whole shop is just incredible. Completely full of charming stationery and witty quotes.





The obligatory Oxford College photograph... Dashing boys, dashing.


I wish there were more shops like this, they're a dying breed. Thankfully they have a website. Check it out and see if you can fill your shopping trolley as much as I can!



  1. This shop looks AMAZING! Loving the blog, Lizzie :). Added to my Reading List on Blogger xxx

    1. Thank you so much Kate- hopefully will keep at it! xx