Friday, 15 November 2013

breakfast at bills

A quick dash to Oxford on Thursday night meant only one thing for Friday morning. Brunch. 

Hannah had spied this place out before and it sounded right up my street. This morning is one of those perfect winter mornings. Cold and crisp and bright blue skies. Dreamy. There's something quite magical about Ox in this weather. Hannah and I decided it was because of the creamy white stone. Now I want a Cotswold stone house - added to the list of houses I want.. 

Anyway, back to brunch. Bills has a few other branches here and there but I reckon the Oxford one is almost definitely the best. I assume. The outside of the building is pretty unassuming except for this cool bit of wall art/signage. 



My inner interior designer nearly died when we walked in. This is a super cool place to come for brunch, lunch, dinner and even cocktails. It has a very Scandinavian rustic feel about it- a hotch potch of chairs and stools, long tables and cosy 'date tables'. We decided we would go for a date table by the window. 



Fresh apple juice and eggs Benedict was the choice today and boy were they good.



                       Ooop, look at that yoke run! 


Having had our fill we had a perv at all the deli things. Tins of sardines adorned the walls, bottles of pink lemonade, amaretti biscuits and dolly mixture bags. Everything is just so tempting and delicious. 




                     We were kids in a sweet shop. 



I love coming to Oxford, I can always find somewhere to fulfill my blogging needs. Oh and last night we went to see Ludovico Einaudi play in the theatre... I don't think I've been covered in goosebumps for such a sustained period of time ever. Ever ever ever. Just amazing. Blog post to follow. 


I'm now dashing off to Bristol for the weekend with Sarah as its an exeat. Hurrah! 

Have a happy Friday.


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