Friday, 8 November 2013

gunpowder, treason and plot

I have no good reason for the lack of blogging this week. In fact I can't even think what I've done, except play on tinder. Don't get it. It's way too addictive and let's face it, the weirdest concept ever. So sorry, I will endeveour to make up for it in this post with a whole host of photographs.

Having heard the snap crackle and pop of nearby fireworks all week, the allure of the historically renowned school firework display was somewhat appealing. Wrapped up in sheepskin and wearing wellies, myself and the girls headed to the bonfire having filled ourselves with mulled wine and all other kinds of wintry indulgence. I was also sporting a dashing Native Indian face paint design. Not quite in keeping with the theme but I like to think I was setting a trend. Of some sort... 


School is positioned on top of a hill and the views are a m a z ing, the perfect place for fireworks. All week the girls had been making guys to be burned. From minions to pink stretch limos, we cerimoniously watched them go up in flames in a matter of minutes. 





   Heather, Sarah and Mel- great high vis Miss. W.... Safety safety!


Then the fireworks started.








I literally took hundreds, it's very hard to capture explosions on an iPhone.. 



Let's hope this week I spend less time on tinder and do something interesting and productive...


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