Friday, 20 December 2013

bristol. 2.2

I should perhaps explain that whilst we were in Bristol, we were recruited by Sarah's amazing mother to help with wedding/Christmas prep. Yeah, so Mel and I decided to turn up at their house, 3 days before Sarah's brother got married... Oops. It would have been rude not to help! 

In between picking up groceries, getting lost in Costco and stuffing the fridge full of oddities, we headed to Primrose Cafe in Clifton. It's a great little deli style eatery, ram packed with delicious and nutricious salads, wholesome soups and naughty puds. I settled for a warm chorizo and Parmesan salad with amazingly fluffy polenta bites and a balsamic reduction. Topped with a perfectly poached egg.



Sarah opted for a very posh salmon fish finger sandwich and Mel joined me with the super salad. 




I love visiting places like this, it's so relaxed and we didn't feel the need, or desire from the owners, to move on quickly. I could have easily stayed there all afternoon, were we not required to pick up an enormous painting, the other side of Clifton. 


Seriously, look at it! And guess who had to sit literally underneath it. Apparently if you're short, then this is the way you're treated. Chuh! 

I did a spot of standing under the mistletoe, but to no avail. Boohooo. 


                    Form an orderly queue gentlemen! 

After our busy afternoon of wedding chaos and a spot of Christmas shopping, we headed back to the apartment and set to work on sorting out some supper. I decided to introduce the girls to one of my favourite quick meals. Nabbed from The Londoner ( this is one hell of a guilty pleasure. 

All you need is a Camembert, chutney of your choice and cheat's Jus Roll croissants. Open up the croissant and lay out flat, generously spread your chutney over the fluffy pastry and on top of your round and then wrap up. Pop in the oven for 20 minutes or so and tadaaaaa, the perfect baked Camembert with a twist. 


                 Look at the little baby cheesus! Ho ho ho. 


Our evening consisted of snuggling under the duvet, eating a hideous amount of sweet baklava and watching You've Got Mail. Is there anything better than this?

A lovely few days away, and home just in time for Christmas. Until next time Bristol! 



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