Tuesday, 10 December 2013

marlow christmas shopping

Firstly I apologise for the delay in a post- I had completely forgotten how busy a school is at Christmas. Countless carols have been sung, mince pies consumed and I'm now on my third Christmas dinner. If anything I'm just getting comfortably fat. Merry Christmas me! 

Oddly enough, despite all the festivities, I still don't feel entirely Christmassy. I play Lily Allen's cover of Keane's classic, "Somewhere Only We Know" approximately all the time and I wrap myself up in scarves and woolens, but I just don't feel very festive. STILL. So to conquer this, I popped down to the Marlow Christmas Market for a spot of shopping (read eating). 

Aside from the fact I had to keep an eye on my little angels, I managed to squeeze in a piping hot mulled wine (burnt my tongue, I guess that's karma though for quaffing away whilst on duty..)and I think this sorted out my festive problem.


Marlow is a beautiful little market town with enviable houses and shops dotted along a wide cobbled street. With its backdrop of white lights and the smell of chestnuts roasting this was a really magical evening. 




   Just a little odd... Three Wise Men and their... alpacas/llamas?! 


             Sarah looking very festive in her red trousers. 


              Me looking less festive in front of a sign...

I'm not going to lie, the stalls were mostly Young Enterprise things, but the food on offer was excellent. The shops were still open too which meant we could pop into our favorites to pick up last minute presents. 







                     Beautiful braces of pheasants.




Of course I had to get one of these babies. Just look at it! Well 'tis the season to indulge! 


               I made some friends whilst on my travels...



I have no excuses now to not feel jovial. I even went to the Royal Opera House last night to see The Nutcracker- it is wonderful and if any of you can get your paws on some tickets then do, it's breathtaking. 

I hope you're all jumping around the tree and adorning yourselves' with ridiculous jumpers and an inordinate amount of tinsel. I'll stop being such a Scrooge now, sorry. 


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