Thursday, 26 December 2013

OBDW. Obligatory Boxing Day Walk

Boxing Day.

It's a funny day I think. In fact, the period in between Christmas Day and New Years Day is a bit like No Mans Land- sort of dead time. There's not a lot to do except eat, drink and be a bit more merry. Some might venture out and brave the shops, some of you might even be working the sales- bravo, it is certainly not something I'd want to be doing having gorged the day before. But mostly, I find myself at home, sitting in front of the fire, thinking of New Years Resolutions which will inevitably be broken within the first 2 weeks. 

It is also the day of the traditional Boxing Day Walk. Even if you have never been on a walk before in your life, this seems to be the day the entire nation feels a united sense of desire to walk off the turkey from the day before. Perhaps you have a shiny new pair of wellingtons you'd like to show off, or the dog has been barking at you too long now to ignore. Either way, today you must walk. Or maybe you're one of the crazy people who cycle. In which case, I'm sure you have already cycled the breadth of Britain before breakfast has been served. 

After a late brunch of, yes you guessed it, more meat and cheese and toast, mum and I wrapped ourselves up, collared Callie and met up with our neighbours for a walk around the surrounding area.


It really is the perfect day for a BD walk, bright blue skies and crispy cold breeze. Perhaps a little too wet underfoot but hey, we all like a splash in a puddle now and then.



This is one of my favourite hidden places at home. It's where the Earl would come on a day out... perhaps with a picnic hamper, maybe even to entertain his latest squeeze.. Whatever he used the place for, it sure is beautiful! 




I stumbled across my castle...tadaaaa! Callie had a good sniff of it whilst I inspected the inside... Hmmm think it needs some work! 




The views really are amazing though, I can see out to the Cotswolds and beyond on a day like today.



               Even Callie had to stop to take it all in. 


Retrieving home, we topped ourselves up with more tea and cake. My very great friend from school is dropping round tonight- she has travelled all the way from Australia (woweeee)- and so I expect this wholesome day shall take a nosedive as we revert back to our former teenage selves. 

May the wine flow and the gossip commence.

Pass me another turkey sandwich, won't you!


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