Wednesday, 29 January 2014

elephant's breath

Ever since I was about twelve I've loved the idea of being the person who comes up with names of paints. Odd I know, but when my mum introduced me to the wonderfully named 'Elephant's Breath' I just thought it was excellent and I wanted to be that person who came up with the obscure and wonderful. There's 'Blackened', which isn't even remotely black, it's a sort of pinky white, 'Cabbage White' and then of course, 'Elephant's Breath'; a superb shade of, let's face it, grey. Nonetheless it has provided the perfect basis for many a kitchen, sitting room and probably, even, the downstairs loo. 

At this time of year, when it's cold and wet and generally miserable outside, I always find myself flicking through interior magazines, pinning things on my Pinterest board and adding cool home furnishings to my virtual basket. I don't have a house, not even a little flat to call my own, so I have no idea where all these things are intended for. Nonetheless it always excites me, if not reminds me I will need deep pockets, for when I have my own place to furnish, just as I want. 

Here are a few things which are tickling my fancy right now. 


I absolutely love this. I wouldn't normally consider painting my pantry yellow but this looks great. And makes finding things so easy! More of this please! 




I love Scandinavian design and this is a lovely example of a cosy studio flat, making the most of the small space. 


I've been totally obsessed with the colour lime green for a few years now. It's fresh and zingy and it adds a perfect new dimension to a room when teamed with a neutral, like Elephant's Breath. 


And here's the baby itself. Taadaaaa! Nothing overly special about it but I will always love seeing it. And will probably paint my entire house in it, when the time comes. 


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