Saturday, 25 January 2014


The exeat has arrived and, despite only being at work for 3 weeks, I'm already totally exhausted and in need of a break. At the strike of 2pm Sarah and I ran to London. Having read a review of a pop up restaurant in St. Paul's we decided we'd treat ourselves to late lunch and drinks. 

B.O.Bs lobster is situated up above The Rising Sun pub on Carter Lane, just behind St. Paul's. When we got there we didn't realise they stop serving food at 3pm before reopening at 6. However, the owner must have taken pity on us as he let us stay and have the whole restaurant to ourselves! Perfect. 



We came for lobster rolls and we got lobster rolls. And boy were they delish! 




Big and fat and juicy pieces of lobster meat in incredible sweet and smokey brioche buns. Crispy fries still in their skins and some sort of wonder lobster sauce stuff accompanied it and the biggest pickeled cucumber I've ever seen. 

As you can imagine, this was a pretty cool place with pretty cool interior features and eating implements. Fingers all the way for us and even Sarah's wine came in a super alternative tumbler. She was baffled to say the least. 


From here we felt like a bit of culture. Crossing the horribly bouncy bridge we entered Tate Modern and had an amble around the permanent collection. Some was odd, some was great. But mostly we felt it was odd. 



I liked these though. 



Sarah was meeting her boyfriend over at the shard so we ambled through Borough Market (separate post to follow- totally loved this place) had a sniff and drool over the salted caramel ice cream, huge meringues and spicy seafood. We were meeting him in the delightfully sounding 'Balls Brothers' bar, situated at Hays Galleria. It was full of suits so I was content. I had my own suit to entertain me though. My old university friend, Joe, met us too and then we were later joined by a string of others. 

Dinner ensued then more drinks. I was staying with my lovely university housemate, Miranda, so we headed back to Clapham for tea and sleep. 

This morning we, along with Callum and Paddy from uni, who also crashed at Mimi's, headed to The Breakfast Club for brunch. I've heard about this place before and was keen to try it out. The queue was long but I didn't care. The enticing yellow and blue front was drawing us in for our fill. Stupidly I didn't take any photos but I guess that just means I'll have to go back again and tell you about it another time. Tough life. 

Here's a sneak peak though. *drooling*


This has been a lovely evening and morning in London. It's also how I imagine my weekends will be spent when I move later this year... Not very realistic but one can only hope, right! 

Until the next exeat.



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