Thursday, 2 January 2014


As always, your plans tend to change at Christmas. One day you might have a small gathering which turns out to be the biggest shindig ever, the next your enormous NYE plan turns out to be a quiet gathering with friends. Whatever it may be, it still deserves a raucous celebration. 

As is the case, my NYE party turned into a smaller, but nonetheless excellent, occasion. No sweat. I was still determined to pull something out the bag. 

The menu was the usual nibbly starters, a cheese and leek soufflĂ© with a green salad and the most divine pear and amaretti cheesecake (not made by my fair hands but Steph's instead) and cranberry jellies to finish. I have never made a soufflĂ© before so this was slightly nerve wracking BUT it rose and was all gobbled up so I'm assuming it was edible. 










We also had a crack at making cocktails. This time I made an elderflower frost which is essentially a G&T with a twist- elderflower cordial and limes, all shaken up and poured over crush ice. Deliciously refreshing and provided quite a kick to start off the party!  

My parents had gone to a party at our neighbours and we had been invited round once we'd eaten. Having consumed ample amounts of wine, champagne, gin and god alone knows what else, we tottered around the corner, complete with party hats and party poppers, to bring the new year in with everyone. 




It's very interesting seeing adults play party games. Some more appropriate than others...

As is always the tradition in my household, Jools Holland counted down midnight for us and we all joined arms and sang Auld Lang Syne and exchanged NY kisses. 


                            HAPPY 2014 Y'ALLLL



We eventually left the party in the early hours of the morning, singing and popping the last few party poppers down the road. 

I like the sound of 2014 much more than 2013- despite the past year being a cracker. Here's hoping for another one! 

Back to work on Sunday- actually looking forward to it, always a good sign. I hope all you little office workers haven't died from the daily commute yet.


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