Friday, 14 February 2014

walking with dinosaurs

Waking up to surprisingly good weather, Mel and I decided to do something a little more interesting than just shopping with our day off. We decided to relive a little bit of our childhood and visit The Natural History Museum and chill out with the dinosaurs for a while. And oh my god did I have fun! 

Firstly though, we needed coffee and food. We hit the King's Road and headed to The Blue Bird Cafe. Feeling like a member of MiC (in actual fact we were followed by Ollie, yes he followed us) we slunk on down and grabbed a seat in the window, perfect for a spot of people and car watching. I liked this place, it was pretty quiet when we went got three but I liked this, it was chilled and relaxed. Just what we wanted for a lazy lunch. I had the posh fish finger sandwich and an injection of caffeine, Mel had the burger, which looked ridiculously good. Fries on the side. Obviously. 





We were in a lazy mood so hailed a taxi to the museums and soaked up the sunny London afternoon. 

Now I think I'm quite an excitable person (this has definitely been heightened by working with 11 year olds) and I was certainly like a small child wandering in between the dinosaurs. We came to see dinosaurs and boy did we see them. I haven't been here since I was about 10 and it was almost more exciting (no, definitely more exciting). I loved it. Like a child in a sweet shop. 











We took plenty of dinosaur selfies, because, why not. 


I then wanted to see the animals in the jars. They really are totally disgusting but I was fascinated nonetheless. 





We found the sperm whale. They're big boys aren't they! 



I had a growling match with a chap who looked a bit like a bison. Gggrrrrrrrrrr.


Mel had to dash off somewhere so I was left to explore the V&A next door. 


I had a look at the Jameal Prize exhibition- this was super cool and I recommend you go and have a look before it goes in April. Sadly I couldn't take any photographs, but that just gives you another reason to go. It's free too. Bonus. 


You really could spend hours at this place. I always stumble across a new section every time I go here. I mean, I could spend the entire time in the gift shop, but what girl couldn't?! But this time, I made the most of the good weather and stepped out into the courtyard garden and checked out the crazy installation done by a Chinese artist. I forget his name but it was great and somewhat amusing. 



The installation is of a utopian land, surrounding a lake that bubbles and smokes. There are little house with animated stories, fish and sounds. I loved it. I particularly liked the animations. They were naughty and amusing. 




I'm not sure you can see this, but they're having a bit of sexy time basically.. 


I suggest every one of you make the most of your capital (those of you from foreign lands, come and play!) and head down to London for a day in the sun. It really is the best place. 

Happy Friday (and Valentines Day for you soppy guys).


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