Sunday, 30 March 2014

big easy

We had booked our table a week before hand and this was practically the only thing getting us through the final hurdle of term. On Thursday we were going to don bibs and eat our bodyweight in lobster. Decadence in its finest. And I was bloody excited. 

Myself and the two other musketeers (apparently at work Sarah, Mel and I are known as The Power Puff Girls too..) have heard plenty about The Big Easy, and since its just opened its new restaurant in Covent Garden we thought the end of term was the perfect opportunity to pay them a little visit and experience the hype. We tweeted them and they tweeted us back so this sealed the deal. We were going to live the dream and eat crab and wear bibs. 





Despite getting there at 4.30pm the place was already busy with businessmen, dates and bunches of girls like us, out for our lobster fix. We started with frozen margaritas, which definitely had a feisty kick to them, crab claws with honey and mustard, spicy spicy chicken wings and the most delicious mussels ever. I literally could have taken a bath in the creamy jus. It.was.incredible. 




We demolished pretty much everything...


I could have very easily walked away at this point feeling oh so satisfied, but I came for lobster and boy did I get lobster. 



Look at the baby!! 


The girls took a moment to Instagram their beloveds... Cue very, very serious faces.


The lobster was cooked to perfection. I had hollandaise with mine, which was pretty much the perfect accompaniment ever; so buttery and naughty. The fries on the side and salad was so unnecessary but we totally took advantage and gorged. 

This was Sarah's reaction to the whole thing:



And Mel's: 





This is how much food was got through... Oink oink.




Sarah and I even managed to have a little claw fight in between it all. 


Big Easy is a huge place. We were seated in the main area but there was acres of space downstairs too and a bar that would rival any other bars in the area. I loved the shack decor; very wooden, Deep South ambience with a soundtrack to match. There were even little neon lobster lights on the ceiling! A personal fave. 




Great start to the Easter hols- we'll be back mi amigos! 

I'm off to Barcelona tomorrow with Christina so expect a bumper edition of posts on my return. 




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