Monday, 10 March 2014


Hurrah, exeat is here and even better, it's super sunny and delicious. 

Feeling twenty two, myself, Sarah and Mel hopped in the car and drove down to London. With it being International Women's Day, we felt it was only appropriate to blast Sarah's 'Woman' album and sing along to Shania Twain and Texas. Feeling suitably empowered, and having arrived in London, we ditched the car and made our way to Bubbledogs. 


Mel has been banging on about this place for ages now- admittedly it did sound pretty great. Champagne and hot dogs. Obviously I was sold with this winning combo so was more than happy to accompany her to the little restaurant in Fitzrovia. We arrived just before 5 and found it was opening at half past, so instead of waiting around we had an explore. 


This was a mistake. We arrived an hour later and found a massive queue had formed. Clearly a lot of other people knew about this place and were as excited as us to try it out. Never mind, the host was a super cute Irish man so we sucked it up and lined up for 45 minutes. 

All of us were getting irritable and the glass window in the front made it seem like a zoo. At one point Sarah practically had her nose against the glass. Finally we were in. 



We were swiftly seated and chose our bottle and food. We were basically drooling by this point. But it didn't matter. This place was super great. Decor, food, people, host. Everything was glamorous and delicious. 


Now, the shots of the food and us eating aren't so attractive, but who can make eating a hot dawwg an elegant thing? 



Mel's bad boy had Mac and Cheese poured over the top, Sarah's crispy onions and sauercraut and mine Sloppy Joe's chilli beef. Wahhhhh. Sweet potato fries and slaw was also on the cards. 



More champagne was quaffed and various giggles and jokes about hot dogs were shared. Who says we're grown ups? 



I really couldn't recommend this place enough. BUT maybe reserve a table or get there bang on the dot of 5.30pm as everyone else is jostling to get their fill of dogs and bubbles. 


Check them out here and scramble on down now. 


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