Tuesday, 18 March 2014

clayton's boutique

Monday evening is a sacred time for me. I have the evening off and I always try to do something with that time, other than eat cake or hide under a duvet. Conveniently too, Mel also has her night off on a Monday and this Monday we had spied out a pretty cool little place to visit in Marlow. 

Clayton's is a pub on the Oxford Road which, on secret nights (it's not really a secret), puts on a popup film for a select few. We booked our seats not really knowing what to expect, but boy were we in for a welcome delight away from boarding life. 



As we walked in, a classic episode of Friends was showing to whet the audiences' appetite. Mel and I quickly settled on some cocktails and had a drool over the menu. Fat burgers or tapas? Or both? We settled for tapas. Between the two of us we managed to gorge our way through calamari with lime, super duper spicy prawns, sweet and sticky chorizo with shallots, the best honey and mustard chipolatas and a good bowl full of fluffy chips. 



Perhaps this was a liiiiitle too much food for us, but we certainly managed to make our way through a good proportion of it. Oink oink.(Sorry for the lack of photos- super dark, but trust me, it was delish).

In the mean time, the film had started rolling. Tonight's offering was The Desendants- I'd seen it already but not in a pub, surrounded by enough food to feed a family. It's a tear jerker but one that I really recommend you see if you haven't already. George Clooney plays a father and a husband, whose wife has been in a boating accident and is in a coma. The story follows his hard decision to turn off her life support machine, whilst simultaneously looking after his two wild daughters and hunting down the man his wife was having an affair with. It's set in Hawaii and the surrounding islands, and whilst it is a sad story, I found myself- and everyone else in the room too- laughing whole heartedly in places. Go see it. 



The atmosphere at Clayton's is so relaxed and cosy, as though you are at home, surrounded by friends. I think there should be more places like this everywhere. 


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