Wednesday, 12 March 2014

ice babayyy

I don't want to jinx things so I'll whisper this very quietly, but, I think we might have left behind winter and are now saying hello to spring. Hurahhhh, finally!! 






Lately we have been waking up to crisp frosts and are welcoming the sun throughout the day. Today has been a corker and, as I sit here writing this post, the sun is streaming through the windows and casting all kinds of shadows across the tiled floor. What's more, the ground is drying out, finally, from its drenching over the winter and I can actually wear something other than booties on my feet! 


Foolishly I am (supposedly) in training for a half marathon later on this spring, so made the most of my quiet afternoon and went for a quick run along the rye. To reward myself, and to quench my boredom, Sarah and I set to work making a skinny banana and chocolate ice-cream. 

I have no credit for this recipe- it's greatfully nabbed from The Londoner's blog Thank you- it's the perfect, and not so naughty, little lift.  

Sarah was super organised and had already got a fist full of bananas in the freezer- chopped ready for easy blending. They don't look too great here but this is what they looked like... Banana-ery! 


Next, we simply added a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a tablespoon of honey. 


Sarah gave it a thorough blast in the blender....


Five minutes later and tadaaaa, you have instant chocolate and banana ice cream! 


We were being very lazy and ate it straight out of the pot...less washing up and just a little bit naughty! Oh, and also we found some Oreos and crumbled them on the top too. Perfection. 


Happy sunning! 


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