Monday, 10 March 2014

lunch and lionel

Though it's Monday, we still have a day off. Hurrah! 

Riding off a high still from the amazing sun yesterday, me and the girls decided to grab lunch and have a picnic in the not so sunny garden. Despite the sun's best efforts, the clouds won and we ended up wrapping ourselves up in as many layers as possible. 


We had been to M&S earlier and seemingly bought the entire contents of delicious and nutricious foodie items. Apparently we were eating for 8...


Hummus, chilli artichoke hearts, salmon flan, super food salads and avocados. All dreamy. 




Now, let me introduce you to Lionel. He's a prickly little chap, and really I'm quite scared of him. I think he's scared of me too, seeing as every time I say hello he puffs up. And not in the good way either. 


Nonetheless, he was out to play so I took the opportunity to give him a photoshoot. 


Look at this little fella! 


Lionel does almost as much exploring as I do.


He even decided Sarah's leg was a tree worth climbing. 




In the mean time we had opened a bottle of homemade damson gin to warm us up.


Lionel was pretty content and so were we.


Three weeks til the end of term then helloooo Easter, and hopefully maybe definitely, hello a holiday in the sun. 

Watch this space.


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