Saturday, 1 March 2014

march morning

It's the first of March and it has been a beautiful day. The sun has been shining and it's even been warm enough to sit OUTSIDE, with a book, and not require a coat. Bliss. And even better, helloooo vitamin D. My body has been crying out for this for months and finally I'm getting a little dose of the wonderful stuff.



Having had a sacred lie-in this morning, I felt rejuvenated and spritely and decided making croissants would be the perfect start to my Saturday. Ok, so I didn't actually MAKE the croissants, I merely opened up the weird tin thing from Jus Roll and formed my croissants in an orderly fashion. But nonetheless they looked homemade and that's all that matters.


Ten minutes later and they were golden and hot and delish.



With coffees in hand and the sun blazing through the windows, myself, Sarah and Rosie caught up before chasing around after girls for the rest of the day.

I even had a little flourish of daffs to nod to St. David's Day. 




Ahoyy there March! How lovely to finally see you.


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