Monday, 10 March 2014


So the original plan for Saturday night was to grab food and head over to Hoxton to meet university friends for a night on the tiles to celebrate Callum's birthday. Annoyingly, as always, this never quite turned out the way it was meant to. 

Scrambling across the city, me and the girls made it to the east. Now, I'm going to admit this straight away... I am not edgy enough to be an east end gal. I thought I was vaguely (very very vaguely) but I'm really not. It's super fun and cool but let's face facts, I am more suited to the west. 

Anyway, we were there and headed to The Golden Bee on Singer Street for a couple of cocktails before meeting up with my friends and the birthday boy. Looking back on it, I wish we had stayed there longer, maybe even all night. The atmosphere was great and the drinks delicious. Plus it was pretty cool inside and had a roof top terrace. Perfect for us to slurp our cocktails on and chat amongst the Shoreditch Massive. 




Leaving The Golden Bee we made our way to The Book Club. Though only a stones throw away, the queue had multiplied hugely and we got stuck in it for ages... and ages, and ages. Half my friends were in the bar and half of us were out. Typical. Change of plan again and we found ourselves in another bar around the corner. Luckily the weather was mild enough and we could enjoy our drinks outside whilst catching up. And watch our birthday boy rapidly fall down the slippy slope. 

Despite the change of plans, it was still a great night, and hey, I was on exeat and had an actual real life weekend. And I was in London. Perfect. 


More tales to tell tomorrow! Hope you're enjoying this late blooming spring weather.


(Sorry for the lack of photographs... Credit to Mel for The Golden Bee snap).

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