Tuesday, 8 April 2014

biking around

Tuesday. It was to be a day of culture. And bikes, obviously. Now I'm a fan of getting bikes and having an explore and, having recently had a slightly, definitely drunkie cycle down the Kings Road with my friend Oli, I felt cycling round Barcelona would be a doddle. It's weird if anything else. Apparently you don't use roads, you use the pedestrianised pavements and there are no such things as bells, instead you just squeeze your very squeaky brakes. At least we had hats. Safety safety! 



Our first port of call was The Sagrada Familia. Despite doing a degree in History of Art I'm not really a pro expert on Modernism- all I knew was that it's a bit of an acquired taste and not really me, but it'd be silly to come to Barcelona and not see Gaudi's masterpiece. It's actually pretty impressive, and huge. As in, massive massive massive. 




And still incomplete. We'll wait til 2026 to see the final piece. Either way, it's definitely somewhere I recommend visiting. Suck up the long queue and have an explore of what is, undoubtedly, an impressive and highly original piece of architecture. 

A little bit more cycling ensued. 




The hats are great, no? 

Said hello to this little dancing chappy...



And headed across to the Gothic Quarter and The Picasso Museum. 




I think this was my favourite area of the city. It's just a maze of little streets, cafes and delis and shops bursting with rings, scarves and artwork. Even the graffiti is pretty cool and artistic. The whole area has so much charm to it and I'm sure, because of the winding streets, you could always discover somewhere new, even as a local. 





The Picasso Museum is amazing and perhaps one of the best galleries I've been to- and I've been to a fair few! You can't take photos but that's just another reason to go to this city- get exploring my little ones! 

Another safety photo: 


I think if you're brave enough to navigate new streets and you have a sense of adventure in you, grab bikes and get pedalling. Both Christina and I agreed that today was the best day of the whole trip. We had some hilarious times on the bikes- my brakes were so squeaky, even a street away Christina could hear me bumping my way through crowds- and even enjoyed lugging our super sexy hats around for the rest of the day. You'll find red bikes around the city but stupidly the city doesn't let tourists borrow them, rather, they are just for the convenience of locals. But most hostels or independent bike shops will have a couple they'll lend you for just a small amount. Kerching.

Don that Lycra (please don't...) and get those legs pumping! And remember, hats are both safe AND cool! 


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