Thursday, 17 April 2014

'gyptian walkin

Mel and I found ourselves back in the capital yesterday- I had a few errands to run and Mel had hopped across to visit her aunt (I'm really going to miss school holidays- what's this 28 day malarkey?! Shudder the thought). The sun was beaming across our little faces and we were in an exploring mood, but we also had grumbly tummies to feed first. Cue food: 

We were near Old Street so headed to Ozone Coffee Roasters and grabbed brunch. I had the freshest salad i've ever eaten to date- rocket, cured salmon, pickled ginger, sesame seeds and a good ol' dollop of avocado. H.e.a.v.en. Mel had a variation of Eggs Benedict with the addition of a bubble and squeak base. I would show you a photo but she wolfed it down before I got the opportunity. Going by her 'ooos' and 'ahhhs', I think she enjoyed it! 


My flat white was full of love for me today:


Having tied up ends in the east we headed back across the city to have a culture injection. I thought the British Museum would look beautiful in the sun so we decided to have a gander amongst the Egyptians. 




Just like my trip to The Natural History Museum, I was like an excitable puppy, running round the huge sarcophaguses and posing with the lions and sphinxes. Sorry Mel, I'll be better behaved next time. Promise. 




I rather fancy myself a bit of an Egyptian... Oui oui? 






Mel thought this would make an excellent bath tub. I think it might be a bit deep...and cold? 




These wall panels are incredible. I find it totally amazing to think how old they are, but are still completely beautiful and have the ability to tell a story of a forgotten time. 


Clearly this little lion didn't run fast enough... Poor chap. 

Moving on from the BM, we required ice cream and a sit in the sun. I keep telling you it's a tough life! 




By this time, Josie had turned up.



This is my 'best pistachio ice cream ever' face. I nearly dribbled, but don't worry, I saved my dignity. For today at least. 

We made friends with this very handsome boy. He was a dribbler though... Clearly didn't take anti dribbling lessons from me. 


He just wouldn't leave us alone and every time we threw the ball he'd come bounding back over! What a cheeky boy! 


A perfect spring day in the sun before meeting up with the university gang for an evening full of wine, pizza and late night cocktails. 

Here's to a very relaxing bank holiday weekend. Enjoy!



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