Sunday, 13 April 2014

lambing life

Whilst at home for the last week I have spent approximately most of my time reading and running. I've entered a 10k on Easter Monday in Regents Park- that was a good laugh when I signed up for it a month ago, a real big lol. Now I'm slightly regretting it as I look like a nutter running around my village in luminous kit whilst my dad cheers on as though I'm Mo Farrah about to smash my first marathon. But it's only 10k- a mere walk (run, jog..crawl?) in the park, no biggie. I'll remind myself of that when I'm about to have a coronary (which, coincidentally, my mother is genuinely concerned is going to happen...). 

Yes I really do have a headband. It makes me go faster. Obviously. 

If I'm not pounding the worn country roads round me then I'm reading. A simple pleasure and pure bliss. Also, a rarity to enjoy whilst working at a school. It's taken me an embarrassingly long time to read 'Eat Pray Love' because every time I settle down a girl asks me a question about Latin, or how to spell aristocrat. But hurrah! I've finally finished it. FYI, the film is shoddy at best, the book, on the otherhand, is somewhat calming and I really do feel like I've made a friend in Liz. 

So having finally put the book to bed, I thought I should probably head down to the farm and see all the million lambs we have everywhere. Because they really are everywhere (not the oven yet, but almost). 

On the way back from an afternoon in the Cotswolds, my friend Sophie and I headed out to the fields to have a little skip with the lambies. But first we stopped off at the kennels to visit some very handsome chappies.




After a hop skip and a jump over the farmer's fence, we snuck into the field with the lambies.




Sophie had a Julie Andrews moment in the field...




I was determined to sneak up on the lambs, so did my best ninja impression. I think they cottoned on, even in the diguise of my shearling jacket...




That was as close as I was getting... Clearly not as svelte as I once thought. Hmmm.



The new borns down the farm are a lot more approachable (they're just a bit dopey really) and so I took the opportunity to give them a little photo shoot. 


The mummies stamped their feet a little but I think they were soon charmed by me...






Soon these little ones will be out in the fields once they're a bit stronger. Until then, I'm going to take advantage of their proximity to the house!


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