Wednesday, 9 April 2014

paellaaaaa arriba arriba!

This is going to be all about food seeing as we did a lot of eating and I'll whisper this part... a fair amount of sipping on G&Ts too. Sshhhhh.

We figured we were on holiday and we were walking miles each day so the healthy, and only wise, decision was to eat whatever we liked and in vast, vast quantities. Christina and I really do deserve to be the size of houses by the amount we consumed. Hurrah for being young I say!

Wednesday night was perhaps our biggest fill of the trip. After our busy day cycling round, Christina was craving, like a mad woman, paella. My friend Steph had recommend we headed to Placa Reial for the best bars and restaurants. She struck gold with this one. 




After a slightly nervy walk down La Rambla (watch out girlies, pickpockets swarm everywhere, at one point we got sandwiched between three guys- luckily we had our wise owl disguises on and avoided them), we turned down Carrer Colom and were greeted by the beautifully lit square, suited out with its own fountain and palm trees hugging the various bars and eateries. 

The only big decision we had to make tonight was where we were going to be eating and what was going to be in our mouths in the next half hour. Choosing the restaurant was a bit like being presented with a conveyer belt of shiny things. Everywhere was so tempting and the smells didn't help either! As soon as one restauranteur saw you speaking to another, he would come over and tempt you with an even better offer. I love this kind of culture in Europe, it would never happen in London! Having settled with our seats we grabbed the menus. But first, drinks. 



We chose one big plate of paella with extra treasures from the sea and a whole host of tapas dishes. 



This was chilli fried octopus. It was unbelievably good- melt in the mouth with a good kick of spice. Ignore the tentacles and dive in.


Sweet roasted peppers with cracked sea salt. The added salt gave these babies a really great tang. I think we ate these almost everyday. 


We also got aubergine, chorizo, breads and a big 'ole salad, just for good measure. 



I just love the idea of picking and choosing lots of little dishes and sharing them amongst friends. It breaks the ice and hey, it's always amusing to watch someone de-prawnify a prawn. Also it means you can order loads because you can secretly blame your other friends for eating so much. Sneaky. 





Sorry C, just had to! 

Our food filled evening took a slippery nosedive once we got back to the bar. Next thing we knew, it was 5.30am and we had made friends with various Europeans. Food and drink clearly is a winning combination for a night like this; lots of laughter, dancing until the early hours and back in bed ready to start the next day. 

Oh Barcelona, you beauty! 


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