Thursday, 10 April 2014

parc güell

It was just our luck to be leaving Barcelona at the beginning of a week long stretch of glorious sun and warmth, however we were not to be defeated. Parc Güell was on our to do list and whilst the sun was shining and the temperature rising, we decided to spend our last morning here. It's located to the north of the city and is basically Mecca for all things Guadi. Barca really do live off the back of this guy- you can't seem to escape from him anywhere. We had already spotted this little (it's huge...) house of his on Passeig de Gracia the night before:



Parc Güell can safely boast the best views in the city. Because it's located on top of the hills it looks down onto main Barca and out across to the sea. And we chosen the best day to take this beauty in. But first we had to take the escalator to the top of the park...


Here come the money pictures. 






Because we came in at the very top we were able to take the rambling walk down the hill side down to the bottom of the park. This is just beautiful and you'll want to get super snap happy and take photos the whole time. Just like we did...


Even of my little Spanish guitar playing friend. 









The little houses dotted around are now Guadi Museums and visitor centers. Possibly the prettiest I've ever seen. 



We both agreed we made a wonderful couple. We even compliment each other with our blue and pink trousers. Destiny. 



You'll find this broken ceramic jigsaw everywhere in Barcelona. Perhaps more so than the Catalan flag, and lets face it, they are everywhere. 

Now I have to confess, we didn't actually go into the park area. The queue was huge and we had a flight to board so we took a few more photos and made a speedy getaway through downtown Barca. 







Barcelona is definitely a place to visit at any age but I think it's a particularly good place to visit in your twenties. It's genuinely ram packed with things to do, see, eat and drink. Bizarrely the whole city has wifi (I know, my mind blew too), everyone is very kind (some a little more than others) and you're about 90% guaranteed to have better weather than back here at home. Whether you do it on a shoestring or pull out all the stops, I can assure you you'll have a blast and always want to come back for more (and maybe if you eat as much as us, you'll be a little fatter too...). 


Until the next time Barcelona! 



  1. This looks absolutely wonderful! Lovely to see you (briefly!) yesterday xxx

  2. I can't tell you enough how great it is! Yes lovely to see you too- perhaps meet for coffee before I head south again? Xx