Monday, 26 May 2014

duvet day

It's a bank holiday and a classic english one at that. It's raining, and when I say raining, I mean pouring. All day. So obviously it's the perfect day to hunker down with a book, a box set, whatever and make the best brunch ever. 

Having hot footed down to London for the weekend- where we quite literally ended up dancing on tables- today's weather has provided me with the perfect excuse to recover. My recovery plan involves eggs and avocado. This is so simple but so delicious, I'll have you drooling at your screen. Grab your coffee and get ready for a taste sensation. 

You will need:

Rye bread
Marmite- if you're a lover, balsamic glaze if you're a hater


Whilst your rye bread is gently chilling in the toaster boil your water. The trick with a proper poached egg is to swirl the water around and carefully slip the egg in with a cup. And keep swirling for a few seconds after- you get that guaranteed good lookin' poached egg shape with this. 

Marmite your toasted rye and slice the avocado on top. 


Add your perfect poached egg and eat straight away.




The perfect start to a day hunkered under a crisp white duvet, hearing the rain patter down. Grab your book and enjoy the day off. 



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