Saturday, 31 May 2014

home comforts

Friday was mission day. I was to meet at a specific time, in a specific place, with a very specific person... But first, let me tell you about the best shoes I've ever clapped eyes on. 

Wednesday night saw me trotting around London Town in my favourite yellow bad boys. 



I think they are my favourite spring purchase ever ever, and on Wednesday they had their first proper outing. Teamed with black jeans and a little floaty white top, they made my (otherwise short) legs go on for ever. Hurrah! I'm going to make sure I have at least another few occasions to wear these babies- just look at them! 

Anyway, enough of shoes, back to the mission. I was driving home on Friday and my mother was meeting me half way in the Cotswolds at a garden centre.

I was to meet her at midday, by the watering cans. 

Should I wear all black? Dark glasses? A revolver at my hip? My mother is certainly an odd (loveable) one, and she rarely says a non ridiculous thing, but this was one surely for the record books. Apparently the car park wasn't exciting enough. 

I can safely say I am never going to get the call up for MI5. I was half an hour late, flustered and not by the watering cans. Mission failed. 

By the time we got back home we had certainly earned this. 


Isn't it just the best to come home to fresh chocolate cake and a proper cup of tea? 

This weekend has been all about home comforts. 





Home made elderflower presse.


Tea and toast by the bucket load. Crisp duvets, the Saturday papers and roast chicken. Things don't get much better than this. 

Whilst not indulging I found time to walk the dogs..


Ahoy there!! Look at those ears flap!! 


We found a balloon spreading love across the rolling fields. 



I had a Miley moment. 


We even unearthed a sign for my old treehouse. Some 12 years ago- you can just about make out my scrawling handwriting! 




Safe to say I'm not looking forward to starting work up again tomorrow. Though I can't really complain- I have just had a whole week off. 

Nose back to the grindstone..


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