Tuesday, 20 May 2014

horsing around

Like 99% of the population, I sometimes moan about my job. I work unsociable hours and I now have the sense of humour akin to an 11 year old, but really, I'm pretty darn lucky. I have ample amounts of time in the day to blog away and visit places and I'm surrounded by a whole gaggle of girls who, more often than not, put a smile on my face. That's pretty great, right? 

This weekend proved yet again that I have a great job. My task was to take some girls to The Windsor Horse Show. Pfft hard life, eh. I'll gladly take this 'duty', thank you very much. I've never been before- in fact I've never been to Windsor before- so I lapped up the opportunity. The sun was shining and everything looked pretty great. Boy do I love England! 





Having grown up on a farm, I'm quite a country girl at heart. So today was the perfect antidote for my week's long search for a place to live in the city. I needed some grass, the faint waft of horse and the feeling of baked earth under my feet. 



Look at that beauty! Tally ho! 


I'm not really sure what this round was. The horses just seemed to strut around and then formed a neat line in front of The Royal Box (which btw, no one was in). Then they took a lap of honour and had a jolly good canter and play with one another. 


Unfortunately for me, I was on duty so couldn't take advantage of this wondrous bus. 


Next time, I'm definitely making sure I can get involved with that baby. Today I was bound to the water. 

Next up were the carriages. Now I'm not going to shy away from the fact that I love the royal fam. I'm particulary fond of the outrageously unPC Philip, and so to see him wrapped up in a blanket (god knows why, it was a scorcher today) and beaming away as he maneuvered his carriage and horses into the area, was a total delight. I think I gave out a little squeal. 


There were lots of very beautiful looking horses here today, and wonderfully dressed women. 




Everyone clapped and cheered as they processed in. I still think Philip was the best. Such a smiley chap. 

Having hoorayed over the Shetland Grand National (yes that really is a real life thing!) the hounds took centre stage. Oh and boy were they an excitable bunch! 







"Hey guys, don't leave me behind!"


"We were super excitable little chappies. We particularly enjoyed getting mixed up with all the other hounds and making our masters run after us". 


"They soon reigned us in though. Boooo, spoil sports".


"We were nearly as smart as these bear wearing men. Personally, we think they were all crackers wearing that much fur. Woof woof!" 

I'm not sure I could have experienced a more English day. It really was a rip roaringly good day! 

Until next time. Tally ho!


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