Friday, 16 May 2014

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I'm hunting high and low for a new stomping ground. I'm finally moving to the big smoke and I can't wait. Yesterday I had a viewing at a delicious little (read huuuge) house in the Fulham area. I just love the high ceilings, cosy white fire places and sash windows you find in these properties. My inner interior designer's mind went into overdrive. I just can't wait to have my own property and do everything up, just how I like it. Perhaps my love of the area was propelled even further into overdrive because of the beautiful weather...? 



The perfect day for rolled up jeans and scuffed up sneaks. 

Anyway having visited the house I met up with Josie, who's also moving to this area, and we headed into Parsons Green to soak up the sun and enjoy a late lunch at Hally's. I've been dying to go here for months now but for various reasons I haven't been around to grab the opportunity. But today I was back. And boy was it worth it! 


I'm fairly certain these yellow chairs are going to become a feature in my house. Such a great pop of colour. 


The cafĂ© is a Californian inspired eatery with deliciously fresh salads, naughty cakes and hearty soups. If I could, I would have chosen everything on the menu. But instead I opted for a fresh lentil and butternut squash salad with deliciously salty fried haloumi. Perfection. 


"What did the cheese say when he looked in the mirror? Halou-mi!" 

Josie went all out and got the burger. I got jealous. 



Still, the salad was great and just what I needed. 


Hally's just oozes cool. With its big open front, those yellow chairs and some seriously beautiful people sitting out in the sun at the front, I think this might be one of my favourite new places to sit and gossip at. Plus the interior is pretty great too. 




I think I'll go for the beet and ginger juice next time I'm in.



Josie and I left feeling satisfied and perhaps slightly deluded about living effortlessly cool lives in Fulham. I blame the sun. 


I want this place to become my new playground. I might need to sell a kidney though to turn this into a reality... 


A little slice of Californian cool in the heart of a very english Parsons Green. Perfect. 

Go at once and visit them!!


p.s if any of you know of a little place going spare in (south)west London, please do tell! I'm a clean kinda gal and I'll cook up a storm in the kitchen if you'll have me. I promise I don't bite. Mostly. 

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