Thursday, 26 June 2014

sad goodbyes. new beginnings

I no longer work at a girls boarding school. I am no longer required to work evenings and weekends and no longer will I feel so tired, my eyes will pop out of my head. I'll miss it hugely, the girls, everything, but I'm so excited to start life as a real adult. 

Helloooo weekends, hello sociable working hours (I hope) and hello London! It's wonderful to finally be here. 

For the next three months I will be interning at the super slick and envy inducing Black Tomato in Shoreditch. I'm not entirely sure what little adventures I'll get up to, but I'm guessing I'll be writing in my sleep by the time I finish. Dreamy. 

And even better news, I'll be able to find exciting new hideouts to share with you all. We'll go rummaging through markets looking for Faberge eggs, laze in the late summer sun and sip on icy cocktails. I'll get us dancing on tables, escaping the smoke for weekend breaks and spying on jaw droppingly beautiful houses. 

Watch this space. 


Wish me luck, hopefully I'll make more than the tea....


Sunday, 22 June 2014


I am not a football fan. In fact, I had to ask my Dad who the captain of the England team was the other day. Apparently it's Gerrard... I wised up.

Thursday, England played Urugauy in The World Cup. I wouldn't normally have watched it but for some reason a wave of football pride came over me. I listened to old skool football choons in the car with Mel and decided to head to Clayton's in Marlow and join the crowds of Lycra donning supporters (sorry to disappoint, but neither me nor Mel wore Lycra).

Tonight was boyz night. We ate meat and watched sport. Grrrrrr. 



And drank cocktails. Not so laddish. 





What an awfully serious face.. ^^ 

Clearly have blogging on my mind! 

Back to the football. Hmmm if you want a post match report I suggest you pay the bbc website a visit. I'm certainly not going to become the next football pundit of 2014. There were exciting parts but mostly it seemed like England weren't very good. And Suarez is, not only a horrible man, but he is also, not so attractive. I think this gives multiple points to England. Hurrah! 




Some arm raising. I raised my arm here too. Like a pro. 




These chappies on the front row went nuts. They threw themselves on the floor, squealed a lot and then remembered they were in public so brushed themselves down and became men again. Grrrrr. 

Needless to say, as you all know, we lost. Disaster! 

I think I'll go back to rugby.




My last day off allowed me to explore another bit of the beautiful Chiltern landscape. You too have been here many a time, but you just don't know it yet! Turville is the most scrumptious (there's a clue right there) village you'll ever clap eyes on. It'll have you singing a Dawn chorus... (Another clue, I'll have you know..). It's Dibley beautiful...

Ok enough, enough! I'll tell you why and how you know this place. Turville has been in films and television shows from all across the years. I know it from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and "The Vicar of Dibley", and I have been assured, from a reliable source, a few Midsummer Murders have taken place here also...




We searched high and low but Geraldine she must have been hiding, eating a Crunchie or her fifth Christmas Day dinner or something... Even a puddle in the road was merely a shallow pool. I couldn't lose Mel that easily... 



Before grabbing lunch Mel and I decided to scale the mountain to see the windmill from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". It looked steep, and I can confirm it was steep. I think we both had coronaries on the way up. 






The view was certainly worth the effort though! 





The walk down was somewhat sketchy...


You know that feeling when you lose complete control of your limbs? Yeah that happened. I flew straight down the hill and stopped just in time to grab a drink and some crispy crispy white bait at The Bull and Butcher. 

Well deserved! 



If you ever want to escape London for the weekend, hop on a train and go the short distance over to the Chilterns. It won't fail to blow you away and make you green with envy with is beauty! 


Sunday, 15 June 2014

sunny portobello

Like the girls at school, this is my final exeat before the end of term. I can't believe how quickly the year has gone by, and I know everyone says this, but it's so true! This Saturday the gang and I packed our bags and set sail towards Portobello Market. 


I am a huuuge fan of Notting Hill and I've always said, should I bring up a family in London, I'd make sure it was in one of those beautiful white houses with topiary outside my door and a sunny cafe on the corner... I live and dream. 



I think this is the prettiest little house ever! 

Portobello Market might also be one of my favourite places in London. After a night of dancing on the tables, you can come here for a good old rummage through silverware, old books, the best fresh produce on offer and flowers to make you go weak at the knees. It is the perfect antidote for a Friday night overload. Plus it is full of foodie delights. 





Hear hear! 





Perfectly mis-shaped but perfectly sweet peaches.



I think I want to be wrapped up in peonies. There's just nothing better! Feel free to woo me with a big ol' bunch of these, boyz. 


Ok, so what I'm about to tell you is a secret so...shhhhh! I'll whisper it to you... I'm not sure it's going to stay a secret for long though, because it's just too.damn.good. (Praise and gratitude goes 100% to The Londoner ( for this find, and Sarah for dragging us to the not so nice end of Portobello. 

Sarah was brought up in Brazil and she is a cracker to find fresh seafood with. It would be shellfish not to share this with you...


Don't be put off by the shackalack exterior. It may not be the best looking place in town but boy does it serve a beauty of a meal. And it's cheap as chips! Whole sea bass, tuna steaks, calamari, killer tiger prawns all for £7!! 

Sarah went for sea bass, I went for calamari. 




We made friends with this charming man. He even blew us a kiss when we left. Go even just to flutter your eye lashes. 


It's very authentic and be prepared to sit on a plastic stool, using an old milk cart as your table. Are we still in London? I feel like we're a million miles away! 




Blog or eat?! Priorities very evident here. 

You'll find them on Golborne Road, just opposite Pizza East. 

I think it's safe to say this is a perfect way to start your weekend. Be patient and definitely go back to have a rummage through everything you just won't have time to rummage through! I will be permanently in London in two weeks and I can't wait. Gonna go blawwwgg crazy. Watch this space. 


Happy exploring!