Friday, 13 June 2014

road trippin and rounders

Thursday was all about making the most of the sun. Having slipped on little shorts and tees, Mel and I hopped into the car for a road trip to Henley. 



Henley is currently in a state of frenzy, getting ready for the regatta. Our only frenzy however, was deciding which day would be best to go. I think we settled on Friday so if any of you are thinking of popping down, come and find us pretending to be watching the rowing (rowers..) with coconuts in hand, sipping away. 

To get us into the mood we headed to the Angel and grabbed a seat by the river, watched the ducks paddle on by and some really very awful navigating from locals. Oh and a pimms. Because why not. 







"Hmmmmm, should I go for the four bed, or five bed?" 


"All of them!"

We did some cruisin' on our way home, stopped off at the most idyllic village ever, did some posin'. 




On our return we feasted on smoked mackeral pâté (I promise to share this recipe with you soon), lemon butter asparagus, vine tomatoes with basil and mozerella and fresh avocados. 





Finding a second burst of life, Heather joined us down on The Rye for late night prosecco and rounders. The air was still warm and the sunset perfect. 





I definitely need to invest in some park friendly flutes...



"Hit me with your best shot!"





"I gaat me ay pegleggg!" 





Heather swept me off into the sunset. 



A perfect sunny day. 

More stories about this week's exeat to follow soon. Oh and that cheeky mackeral recipe. 

Remember to cream up and drink (water)!



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