Thursday, 26 June 2014

sad goodbyes. new beginnings

I no longer work at a girls boarding school. I am no longer required to work evenings and weekends and no longer will I feel so tired, my eyes will pop out of my head. I'll miss it hugely, the girls, everything, but I'm so excited to start life as a real adult. 

Helloooo weekends, hello sociable working hours (I hope) and hello London! It's wonderful to finally be here. 

For the next three months I will be interning at the super slick and envy inducing Black Tomato in Shoreditch. I'm not entirely sure what little adventures I'll get up to, but I'm guessing I'll be writing in my sleep by the time I finish. Dreamy. 

And even better news, I'll be able to find exciting new hideouts to share with you all. We'll go rummaging through markets looking for Faberge eggs, laze in the late summer sun and sip on icy cocktails. I'll get us dancing on tables, escaping the smoke for weekend breaks and spying on jaw droppingly beautiful houses. 

Watch this space. 


Wish me luck, hopefully I'll make more than the tea....


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