Friday, 18 July 2014

ajaccio, corsica

Waving goodbye to Rome we headed west to Corsica. Rising with the sun we hopped off the boat and spent a day on the beach to explore the yachting town. I became a serious green eyed monster and eyed up all the big boys (yachts I mean, I'd never be so crude..). And because I'm nice I'll share my snaps with you. 



The bluest of blue ocean and a gentle breeze, perfect for a day soaking up the sun and wandering the markets. 




Sorry for the terrible quality of this picture...I think my phone got a bit sweaty in the scorching heat! 



Having sunned enough (it was unreal hot, got some cracking tan -or burn- lines) we hot footed into the cool of the town. 



Mel and Sarah lost me to taking pictures of doors and crumbling walls. Only an art historian would find this exciting..



We crept up on the market just as they were packing away for the day. I managed to squeeze in a few shots before heading back for a siesta, because, y'know, it'd been such a hard day..




Ajaccio is certainly a beauty- we frolicked on the beach, drew in the sand and bobbed about in the sea. A pretty great start to our trip around Italy and the surrounding areas.

Hope you're all getting those pins out in this British sun and hiding with loved ones when the thunder comes rolling in. 

Happy Friday!  



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