Wednesday, 16 July 2014

come stai?

Bonjourno! Come stai?! 

I'm so sorry to have been away for such a while (far too long really) but I found myself on a boat, bobbing the Italian seas for the last ten days. There was very little Internet access so whenever I found a moment to connect to the outside world it would (mostly) be to my mother, to reassure her the boat hadn't sunk and that I was wearing my sun cream. In exchange she reported how our new kitchen is coming along (I'm so excited to do a foodie post in here soon) and that my dad was attempting to do some tidying.. Always a worrying thought. 

Anyway, back to Italy. Mel, Sarah and I gathered our little bodies early one Sunday morning and skipped over to Rome, where we would start our adventure. I'm not going to blog about everywhere we went, just my favourite places. 

Since we started in Rome, and lets face it, it really is beautiful, here's a little slice of Italian goodness. 












We stopped at Piazza Navona for a late dinner before heading to The Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. Bubbles were in order and smiles all round. Bella Italia! 


We watched the sleepy sun set behind St. Peter's and soaked up the serene atmosphere. I think this was one of my favourite moments of the entire trip. All I needed was a man by my side and the distant strum of a guitar. Perfection. 

If you haven't been to Rome, go. That's all I can say. Best way to take it all in is by foot and be prepared to get lost a few times and ask a friendly local where to go. 

Rome was a fleeting visit. Next stop was to the boat and then on to Corsica. 

Ahoyyyy there cap'n! 


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