Monday, 21 July 2014


Let's fast forward to Dubrovnik. Having left behind Naples and saluted the beautiful Capri goodbye, we headed off into the sunset for our journey to Croatia. 





Just in case you don't know (it's not possible, I say this almost everyday), I have been wanting to go to Croatia for about four years now, so I was pretty darn excited on this journey northwest. Imagine a puppy dog, whiling away its day on the sea, soaking up the rays. Yep, that was me. 

We arrived and I quite literally leapt out of bed to get a glimpse of this beautiful country. It was everything I hoped for, and more. Slipping into something cool (it was seriously hot today) we heading down to the Old Town and took in the sights. 









Climbing up little streets and winding the corners, we explored most of the Old Town. I went snap happy and probably annoyed the girls with my oo-ing and ahhh-ing...



We hopped round to the front of the harbour and plunged into the sea to cool down.






Having cooled down sufficiently we grabbed a bite to eat by the harbour's edge and drank in the views. Oh, and ate the most delicious cuttlefish risotto ever. It's black and velvety smooth and I think everyone should try it. 






From here we hopped in a boat and sped around the surrounding islands with this jolly chap. 


I almost think he was my favourite person of the entire trip. He had a jaunty little earring in and I was just dying to ask him where he got it from. I was told to refrain. 



The water is so beautifully clear and turquoise it had me in squeals for most of the journey. Clearly I'm a bit of a water baby (and yes, I'll certainly be coming back next year for Yacht Week). 




A perfect end to the perfect day, in the most idyllic of places I've ever been. 

I'll be coming back soon, Croatia, I promise! 

Last stop, Venice.


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