Friday, 4 July 2014

yalla yalla

So, having finished my first week at B.T I met up with uni friends for Lebanese food and a good catch up. Hot sun, the Friday feeling and a cool glass of wine; what could be better?

The others had all been here before and boy had they picked a goodun. 


There are a handful of Yalla Yallas in London- we went to the one off Wardour Street. 



The restaurant is small but the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Find yourself a wooden table and pull up on one of the popping yellow stools.

Food wise, you're in for a treat. If you're in a group get lots of little dishes. Me and the gang recommend two each, or if you're feeling porky, three. Anymore and you'll be stuffed like a baklava. 



Dive in before it goes! The best baba ghannouj this side of Beirut. 


Calamari with pomegranate, spring onion and a smattering of white bait. Tatziki on the side, of course. 


Falafels the size of my face.


We also got grilled haloumi, some sort of wondrous mice lamb ball thing with tahini, tabbouleh, chicken rakakat and a whole host else.


Seduction at its finest. Thank you Natalia. 


I promise you the lovely Katie and Nat didn't just have a liquid lunch (supper). 


Callum complained he's never featured properly in the blog. So here you are ladies and gentlemen. The wonderful, and ever so dashing, Callum. Or, as we affectionately call, Callooooooooom. 


Please pay this lovely restaurant a visit, if only to feel like you're in a warmer climate. Your mouth will be drooling at the mere sight of that iconic yellow. Just go steady on the baklava now, they are the ultimate,  morish indulgence. 

I'm about to fly to Italy for ten days. I'll be back in no time at all, full to bursting with Italian tales. 

Enjoy the sun, cream up! 



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