Saturday, 2 August 2014

farmers' market

I don't know about you but I love a good farmers' market; I love tasting all the delicious meats and cheeses and watching the world go by, enjoying their quiet weekend. I'm currently staying with my aunt in St. Albans so we decided to hit Harpenden Farmers Market one sunny Sunday. Lucy has been hankering to get in on the blog so today was her day to shine! 

The sun was blazing down and we were on the hunt for tasty treats for lunch. And flowers. Because everyone needs flowers in the house. 







The delightful baker saw me taking a snap of his bread. He blushed and gave a giggle and sent us on our way. I think he thought I'd make him famous. Very unlikely! 


A basket brimming with goodies.



I think olives are beautiful, unfortunately I'm not mature enough to enjoy them. They make my face wince and set my teeth on edge. Clearly I'm not as suave as I like to think I am. 




Fresh sea food all the way from Norfolk. We grabbed a crab and ate it with crunchy walnut bread for lunch. Simple and delicious. Just add lemon and pepper. 



Always good to know the bunnies are safe from harm. 


My favourite part of the market however was our visit to see the delightful Spanish man who cuts the BEST Iberico ham I've ever eaten. We also got some rosemary crusted manchengo, spicy chorizo and salted almonds. He gave us a wink and popped in a bag of hazelnuts- what a flirt. 




We raced back to the garden and feasted on all the goodies. Fresh and full of flavour; there really isn't anything quite like local food from the market. 


Next time the market comes to your area, head on down and pick up a few things. Flash a smile too, you may just get a handful of nuts or two as well... Noooo not those kind of nuts! Hazelnuts. Jeeeeez. 

Happy weekend! 


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