Sunday, 3 August 2014

what allot of fun

I escaped London this Friday and headed home for a weekend in the country. I love London but I miss the green and comfort of home; clearly I'm more of a bumpkin than I first thought. As the train shot through the countryside I waved goodbye to the grey and welcomed the green and luscious Cotswolds. There really is nothing quite like England, hey. 

Saturday morning was a rainy one but mum and I wanted a little trip out so headed to an antiques place in the heart of the Cotswolds. I think this must be mum's favourite place because she goes here a lot. A LOT. we rummaged through all kinds of trinkets; I spied some excellent lighting which I want for my future house and mum and I both ooed and ahhhed over an old fashioned beach tent. Thankfully for dad we resisted and came back home with goodies to eat instead. 

Feeling revived we met up with Derek and Diana for a trip to the allotment. Now D&D are like second parents to me. They live just down the road and the amount of times I find them in our kitchen, drinking tea- or more likely with a bottle of white open- are uncountable. I love them and always make time to seek them out when I'm back for a fleeting moment. I've heard so much about their allotment over the years but never been to visit, so once the rain had cleared, we hopped on down. 





Mum and Di digging for gold. 



Where's Peter Rabbit? I was told not to ask for him. 


Just like Peter though, I snuck into Derek's shed. Shhhhhh! 









What a lovely sight! 


Di and I left Derek and mum to discussing fruit trees whilst we went for an explore through the rest of the allotments. 









Mum joined us and I caught a moment of deep discussion between the two ladies. 


It probably went along the lines of:

Mum: "So when are you next popping round for a glass or two?"
Di: "Tonight too early?"

I joke, they didn't actually this time, instead they sent us packing with goodies to eat and share. 



I love sweet peas so Di gave me the bunch to have in my room for the remainder of my weekend at home. 


A perfect weekend at home, but back to London now to carry on the life of a twentysomething in the city.

Enjoy your Sunday! 



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