Sunday, 17 August 2014

white lyan

Firstly I apologise for the slight hole in blog posts- my weeks seem to have filled themselves up and time is flying by. Plus the weather has been turning so I've felt the need to cocoon away to hide from the rain. 

Anyway, I'm back and have the perfect little place to share with you. Having worked a little bit with White Lyan in Hoxton for Black Tomato, the boys had invited me over one evening to experience the place for myself. This was an offer I was not going to shirk at. Innovative cocktails, great music and that irresistible slice of urban cool found in Hoxton- I was not going to miss out. 

So Saturday night I grabbed Sophie and we headed to the bar. Hopping in our wonderful Uber Car (get on this brand, if you haven't already- they're the best) we whizzed through the bright lights of Shoreditch and found ourselves in the quieter neighbourhood of Hoxton Street. Having driven up and down the road a million times, we eventually found the bar- we had been standing outside it for a good 10 minutes but were just completely blind. Anyway, we were here and boy were we in for a treat. 


Iain (who I had been dealing with) was quick off the mark to settle us in and talk to us about the concept of the bar. This place doesn't use ice, citrus or additives. Drinks are kept cool in fridges and freezers and don't expect to find anything with a label on, other that Mr. Lyan's home concoction. The boys work throughout the day creating the drinks so when it opens in the evening there's no waiting around for shaking and stirring. Perfect for that relaxed vibe you want. 



First off we were given a pallet cleanser which was some wonder blend of jasmine and other delights (I literally can't remember but it was delicious). We were then left in the capable hands of Rob, who mixed up cocktails according to our pallet. Sophie likes fizz (what girl doesn't) and a bitof sweetness. 2 minutes later she had a tall glass of what can only be described as chocolate champagne. Weird, but she loved it and sipped soothingly at it for a while. Rob spritzed the glass with essence and it smelt incredible. One happy girl down, one to go. 




I like gin and citrusy drinks with a hint of sweetness. Rob whizzed up a 'Purple Paint'- he literally painted a dark purple syrup around the inside of the glass and then poured in the purple liquid. It was sweet and floral. Perfect. It tasted a little like Christmas in a glass. Deeeeeelish. 



The boys at White Lyan are fantastic, they explained their concept to all of their customers and you can tell they really love what they do. Banging hip hop and disco music blares out and dancing on the tables is encouraged. Bye bye stuffy cocktails bar, there's a new baby in town. 



Sophie and I had a great time giggling over all our recent gossip, sipping on the most innovative drinks we've had in a while. We both decided the bar was a little quiet tonight but was still the perfect place for an evening of fun. Perhaps Friday night is White Lyan's leading night. I guess that means we'll just have to take another visit soon! 

I promise to write about something else shortly!!

Happy Sunday


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