Sunday, 5 October 2014

a saturday kitchen

I haven't done one of these posts for a long time now so it really is much overdue. I have almost settled into my new home entirely now, all I'm waiting on are some prints and a cushion or two, and I'll be showing you around in no time. In the meanwhile I've been perusing frivolous items for the kitchen. I love nothing more than waking up on a Saturday morning, refreshed and excitable, and padding into the breezy kitchen to whip up a few brunch things with a good coffee to boot. Nothing new here! Start the weekend with flowers, they're always happy to see you. 



Next it's time to have some java. 


There's something about making a cafetiere of coffee on a Saturday morning. It's sociable and makes me feel somewhat mature. Gone are the student days of chipped mugs and bitter instant and I'm welcoming that with open arms.

Brunch should be a laid back affair, with morsels to nibble on and share. How about whipping up a little cheese soufflĂ© in this oh so sweet heart shaped ramekin? Brought back to bed on a wooden tray with a sprig of flowers, you'll have your loved one from the first mouthful. 


Bowls of mushrooms and tomatoes are a welcome accompaniment, along with stacks of toast and butter. You won't need to eat til sundown. Make the most of your Saturday. 


Having feasted like kings and queens, store all your dry ingredients away in uniform jars. At home our pantry is lined with Kilner jars and I couldn't imagine a better way to keep things in order. 



Whilst on my perusal of all thing frivolous I came across this:


Beautiful on the side on your work surface; completely non essential. I suggest you bag yours now. I know I certainly fancy something like this by my side. 

Having set yourself up for the day, wrap up in your coats and scarves and head out into the ever colder autumn sunshine. There's nothing better about this time of year. 

Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend.


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