Sunday, 2 November 2014

a gourmand's cave

Harrods. A London institution, but one I'm not really a fan of.

I like understated things- fresh cut flowers in vases, a homemade pie, kisses on my forehead and a spontaneous day out. Harrods is the king of flash, shouting from the roof tops; the diamond amongst the crown- it's not really me. However, the food hall, now I'm a fan of that. Split into sections, from meats and cheeses to sweets and groceries this is a little slice of culinary heaven. I can't imagine anyone actually does their weekly shop here but I'd like the think that maybe, just maybe, it could happen one day. 

Let's start with fish. 



For some unbeknown reason I love fish counters. I certainly don't like the smell but there's something about those glossy critters that get me really excited, like a child in a sweet shop.




Caviar, anyone? 


Being a farmer's daughter I always have to check out the meat counter. Yep. All looks delicious to me. Wagyu beef, anyone? 




Moving from the glossy rows of meat, I found the confectionery counters. What girl doesn't like something a little bit sweet? Buy a box of hand picked truffles and I'm a happy little bunny. 


These sweet delights are beautiful, and let's just assume delicious also. 


Completing the tour of the food halls, is the delicatessen. I love these counters the most. Bowls of olives and tomatoes, artichoke hearts and anchovies, they glisten and shine and scream out to be bought for a winter's day feast in the kitchen. 




Cheeeese, Gromit?



The best part about visits to food halls is that they always seem to inspire me for my next recipe. These little apple tarts were whipped up at home after my trip, perhaps next time i'll try an almond croissant. 

Last night I watched the wonderful Sam Smith at Hammersmith Apollo. Keep your eyes glued for another post over the course of the weekend. Until then, stay dry and hunker down with a warming soup and loved one. 



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