Saturday, 8 November 2014

sam smith

Back in April we bought the tickets, however Christina and I have memories like fish and completely forgot about them until about a week ago. In true fashion one of us couldn't actually make it so it was my task to find a replacement. I knew exactly who to take. His love for Leona will never fade and his dance moves just seem to go from strength to strength. Joe was my man to join me in watching Sam Smith at the Hammesmith Apollo. 




It's fair to say Sam was amazing and the buzz in the Apollo was electric, performing on home turf seems to really do it for artists.


Yes his songs might be pouring over with heartache and emotion but he performed them like someone who has fallen in love for the first time. Joe and I particularly liked his sassy backing singers doing their best bump and grinding. 



Sorry for the quality of the photographs, I'm very short and could reach high enough, nor was the lighting favourable. 

I forget how much I enjoy live music events and Sam certainly didn't fail to impress. I now have a list the length of my arm of artists I want to go and see. Banks is number one and I'm kicking myself I didn't get tickets to see her next week in Brixton. I'm also planning on going to a carol service, my vocal chords need warming up again. 

Have a happy week.


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