Monday, 29 December 2014

christmas collection

Rather than regale my family Christmas to you all- no one is interested in that- I'll provide you with a little snapshot of my time at home. I'm writing this on the train back to London, watching the very frosty fields sweep by. It's always so lovely to be home but work calls and I'm bringing in the new year in the city with friends. Needs must. 

We started our Christmas celebrations with drinks in the village with family and friends and a rather grown up, dress-wearing Father Christmas... We were also joined by Pumpkin, a very festive Shetland pony. 



Christmas Eve rolled into Christmas Day and after the obligatory Christmas morning church service, we settled in for the day. 



My brother looking spectacularly festive... ^^^




We ate like kings and played games in front of the fire until the late hours. 



Having held our breaths until the very last moments of the Downtown Christmas Special, we all retired to bed to get up early for a very rural Boxing Day tradition. 





Tally ho! I joined my brother in the pub after and caught up with friends over mulled wine. 

Over the next few days we took walks, pottered around the farm, joined more friends for drinks, read trashy Christmas novels and above all else, ate as much food as possible. 






A very photogenic Jess! 



Clearly Callie could tell I wasn't here for long... Shhhh, don't tell Mum! 


The temperature plummeted and our little country haven was transformed into a white wonderland. 






I think one of my new year resolutions is to go back more often, four months is a bit too long... And it really is too beautiful to leave behind for such a long time.   

Have a very happy new year! 


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