Sunday, 25 January 2015

wandering hampstead heath

This week has been a bitterly cold one and yet we are still waiting for that smattering of snow. I think if it's going to be this cold, it should really snow at least and be fun. But alas no, this is not the case. We are being treated to beautiful blue skies and crisp frosts- if you wake up early enough to see them. 

Sunday however, was less blue but still very cold so the American and I decided to shake off the cobwebs and take a wander on nearby Hampstead Heath. The last time we came it was the summer and we had a picnic hamper in hand. This time however, it was cloudy and somewhat sticky underfoot... We both regreted not wearing wellies. 



The Heath is huge and though there may appear to be lots of people around, it's easy enough to find your own little spot to play in. We took the road less travelled and hunted in the woods. 




For reasons I am still unsure of, men seem to love finding a good stick and wheeling it around as though it were a light sabre. Mine was no different. 


Happy with his find, we carried on on our mission to find Kenwood House. 





Having trudged through mud and breezy winds we found our house... Stick still in hand. 


Nestled amongst the sprawling Heath you'll find this beautiful and quite modestly sized house. And it is chockablock full of masterpieces! Both of us were so surprised to find them here- from Reynolds to Constable, Kenwood is quite a treasure trove of finds. 







If you haven't ventured north to Hampstead Heath, I couldn't recommend it enough. Hampstead itself is seriously idyllic and I think I said I wanted every house and visit every pub we walked past. The Heath is full of families walking off their Sunday roasts, runners keeping fit, dogs bounding about and lovers holding hands. I suggest going on a Sunday afternoon- it's the perfect end to a weekend in the city. 

I have a bunch of blogposts up my sleeve so keep your eyes peeled as we head into February. 


Sunday, 11 January 2015

new year florals

Happy 2015! As everyone else in the world is saying, I too can't believe we are already in 2015. I hope you all had wonderfully raucous New Years Eves and are settling back into the world of work. Or, for you lucky few, are enjoying the powder of slopes around the world. Nope, not a bit jealous. 

So, it's a new year and everyone is hitting the gyms, sipping nuclear green juices and eating pulses that probably shouldn't be nibbled on. Nothing is new. Yes, I too shall be attending a few lunchtime classes and maybe munch on a bit of kale here and there but mostly I'm not doing anything different. Instead I'm turning my attention to my home in London and breathing fresh air into it. 

This can be a little tricky when sharing with housemates, but little things here and there won't hurt and as long as you don't come home with a hide rug expecting your housemates to chip in, it'll be plain sailing. 

As you all know I am a flower lover so what better than starting the new year with fresh floral bedding. This spread was a steal from Zara Home and is beautiful.



Layer with a woolen blanket (chaps it's not summer yet) and a good quality feather duvet for a perfect nights sleep. 

I have grown up with fresh flowers at home so I have brought this little indulgence to my humble flat in SW6. 


I've even been a little green fingered this morning and planted up a white amaryllis which will bloom in 6-8 weeks. 



The sun has been blazing through the window today, giving everything a little floral halo. 


An easy and cheap way to enliven your home, head to your local florist or even M&S/Waitrose for a good quality house plant. You'll never have a dull day again, despite how persistent the rain may be. 

Here is some inspiration for you bedroom:



To a happy and flower filled 2015!