Saturday, 30 May 2015


I have found myself at home again this weekend to celebrate my cousin's wedding. Today it was all hands on deck to help with flowers in the church over in the Herefordshire countryside. On our drive over mum and I stopped off at one of our favourite places, Holloways.

Holloways is an antique haven hidden away in the rolling hills of Worcestershire. But this place doesn't specialise in pictures, prints or jewels, instead it has one of the greatest collections of garden troughs, figurines and outdoor accents I have ever clapped eyes on. From C.S Lewis inspired lamp posts to old staddle stones, Holloways is the place to visit if you're looking to add a little whimsical style to your garden.



The mix is varied and all totally magical. Everything is kept outside and therefore exposed to the elements- so there's quite literally layers of history on each piece. Mum and I really liked the big old troughs. We have one by our front door which has been planted up and it's so big and heavy it'll always be part of home. 


These staddle stones are my favourite. We have four already but I think a fifth would be required. I'm not sure dad shares my opinion though. 



Wouldn't this tunnel be lovely in a rose garden? With your Sabrina goddess sitting quietly underneath and a fountain at the end it would make the most perfect arrangement in the right sized space. 




Next time you see that old stone urn or pot in the undergrowth, don't think about throwing it away as it's likely to be worth something and you may even be able to plant it up like this one here. 

We have all our fingers and toes crossed for sunny weather tomorrow for Fliss and Rob! 


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