Friday, 12 June 2015

kingston + richmond

I don't want to jinx things but I believe summer might just have arrived. Sunday was blissful and the American and I decided to venture out of the Big Smoke and find some water to bask infront of. 

We hopped on the train down to Kingston upon Thames and arrived to a high street bathing in sunshine and filled with happy shoppers. Having popped in and out of shops and boutiques we picked up picnic essentials (smoked salmon, fresh bread and cold ciders) and found a spot on the river bank to set up camp. 



The houses dotting this river bank are beautiful and had us squealing in awe at their sheer size and dreamy looking garden terraces. 

With the sound of soul singing in the background (there was a live performance taking place in the band stand) we made the rather rash decision to walk to Richmond. 


This took far longer than expected but it was beautiful and a real treat. Winding our way along the river bank, we crossed the Teddington Locke, watched sail boats fly by and even the occasional paddle boarder. The sun was beating down and everything looked picture perfect.  



We arrived in Richmond to a party of sunbathers and day trippers. With the heat burning off we went in search of cool drinks and spent the remainder of our Sunday people watching, dreaming of a house in Richmond and what was for dinner. 




A dreamy Sunday after a long week of writing and number crunching. 

We hope the sun is here to stay!


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