Tuesday, 28 July 2015

posh picnicking

The American and I headed home this weekend to attend an event arranged by the village. For the last three years (it might be longer than that, actually) our little chocolate-box village has been raising a huge amount of money to restore the breath-taking 11th Century church tower. Saturday night's celebrations were to mark the completion of the restoration and to say a much deserved thank you to the whole village who have tirelessly made it happen. 


In true English fashion it was decided a posh picnic would take place. It wasn't really a picnic to be honest, more a reason to get dressed up in black tie, long dresses and enjoy a little competition for the best themed table. Naturally my mother decided ours would be The English Country Garden, complete with butler, the finest porcelain and delicious food. Obviously this was an occasion my man and I would not miss. 


Having spent most of the morning laying the table, creating a spectacular flower arrangement, styling a rest room in the garden of Pirton Court and exercising our best calligraphy skills, we were well and truly ready for the celebrations to begin. 


Each table in the marquee was themed and they would later be judged by our independent panel. From 1940s vintage and English rose garden to 1970s and last night of the proms, every table was stiff competent against ours. 

Our ride arrived (we were literally going next door to the neighbours but Stephen has a vintage Rolls Royce so we went for a short spin to arrive in style-complete with salad bowls in the back!). 


We started the evening with canap├ęs and champagne on the lawn and then took up our seats to indulge in the feast whipped up by Mum and Sarah.



Hugo, our delightful butler.



My very beautiful mummy. 






A little magic and sparkle for the pudding course. Mum's marvellous meringues. 


Someone snapped me with my granny, I'm sure she was telling me some amazing stories from her days in London!


Midway through, speeches were made, thanks were given and then a charity auction took place. My brother is somewhat of a whizz in the auctioning world so he took up his position and spent the next half an hour auctioning hand-turned candlesticks, bottle stoppers, pen pots and vases crafted from the oak retrievd from the original tower beams. 



The evening rolled on into the early hours with a swing band, wonderful jazz singer and then a disco. We danced the night away and carried on devouring the cheese. 



A walk was required the next morning to blow away the cobwebs. We headed up to Pirton Tower, a folly on the Earl of Coventry's estate and took in the views, dogs in hand. 




The views are incredible from here and stretch right across to the Cotswolds on the right and the Warwickshire countryside to the left. 




One last stop off before heading back to London was to watch the village cricket match on the West Lawn and enjoy a few creamy scones and cups of tea. 

A whirlwind of a weekend, but one we thoroughly enjoyed. If only we could have stayed a few more days! 

If you find yourself in the Worcestershire countryside, you really ought to take a look at the church in all its shining glory. It even has a golden cockerel glistening down on the village, and a brand new clock face to boot - an incredible achievement from one the smallest and most tight-knit communities I know. 


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