Thursday, 20 August 2015


Perhaps a little explanation as to why I've been so quiet recently; the American and I have been running around London searching for our new home. We're moving in together and have spent all of our free time visiting sardine tins and flats with not even enough space to swing a cat. However, we have found our dream home so I can finally find some time to share my recent, non flat-hunt, adventures with you. 

In between the tears and stress (mostly on my side of the deal) we have found some time to do a little exploring, after all, that is what we love to do most. 

Way back when we had the second tube strike the American and I had tickets for Luna Cinema's open-air screening of Notting Hill, set within the ground of Kensington Palace. Now this is my favourite film ever, ever so a pesky tube strike was never going to stop me from going. I worked from home that day so getting from SW6 to KP was relatively simple, however my man had to trek from Canary Wharf, which was pretty much the worst but he did it just to keep me happy. What a guy. 

We met by the gates, picnic and rug in hand and entered into the beautiful grounds. We had to wait for sundown so that the screening quality was at its optimum. We popped a bottle, munched on tabbouleh and prawns, strawberries and popcorn whilst the sun slowly dipped behind the topiary. 

I managed to sneak a few shots throughout the night: 

^^ the best scene of the film, hands down. Except maybe for whoopsie daisies. 

The weekend after we wandered South Bank and towards Oxo Tower Wharf. We quite literally stumbled across a fantastic pop-up presented by Swoon Editions, an online interior design company. Dream.

Set within the crumbling wharf building, Swoon Editions created a journey of design discovery, showcasing their best and most iconic designs. Not only did this fill me with extreme interior envy, it has somewhat fuelled our theme for our new home. A winning combination. 





Interior pieces aside, we decided a converted wharf building could have been quite fun, perhaps not so much in the winter though. 

This place was weirdly beautiful, regardless of the peeling facade. 




The pop- up shop has closed now but I would certainly recommend heading over to their online shop for a snoop- I have already made a shopping list of things to buy and drool over.

So despite the tears and stress, I have still managed to enjoy a somewhat chilly and wet summer in London. I am never disappointed by the things London has to offer, either for free or a small penny.

This weekend we move into our new place. It's completely empty right now so you'll probably find us at the check out of John Lewis for the foreseeable future. We will still adventure, cook up tantalising food and recommend the best places around so watch this space. 

Also, I'm off to America soon so watch out for a few State Side posts. 

The future looks rosy and bright.


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